Course Content

3 - Match it up



QC rules alert laboratorians to a change in the analytical system (measurement procedure). In this activity, participants match charts to the correct QC rule violation and identify the type of error.

Key Message

  • Results of QC samples are analyzed to assess and alert us to changes in accuracy and precision (method performance).
  • The nomenclature for rule violations includes the number of data points involved and the applied control limits usually expressed as the mean ± a multiple of the SD.
  • Different rules indicate if the change is random or systematic.  This information is used to assist with troubleshooting an out-of-control run.

Self Assessment

Can you: 

  • Analyze L-J charts and Gaussian distributions and identify the rule violation?
  • Determine if the rule indicates a systematic or random error?
  • Understand how SE and RE assists with troubleshooting?